Texas Vet or VA?

Are Texas Vet Loans better than a VA Loan?

Veteran and VA lenderTexas Vet (Veterans Land Board) Loans have extremely low interest rates that are generally the same or lower than standard VA loans.  That said, a Texas Vet Loan is not always the best choice for every customer.  In some situations, a VA loan may be a better option as the closing costs for a VA loan are often lower than Texas Vet Loans.

Non-Texas Vet Land board VA loans often have ZERO closing costs to the borrower with very competitive rates. In some cases, the slightly higher rates of the traditional VA, in combination with paying less out of pocket, can make more sense for the borrower than the Texas Vet Loan. Both options do not require any mortgage insurance – even when financing 100% of your purchase. For recommendations based on your unique situation, a Texas Vet Loan expert loan officer will be able to guide you through the pro’s and con’s of both options and run side by side comparisons of how each would impact your current circumstances.

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